Post Conference Workshops on 11/9/2021

Post-Conference Workshop Fee

MAALIC 2021 Conference Participant

1 workshop RM 30
2 workshops RM 50

MAAL Members

1 workshop RM 50
2 workshops RM 90

Non-MAAL members

1 workshop RM 70
2 workshops RM 100


  1. Registration is only complete upon receipt of payment.
  2. Please ensure that your registration information is complete
  3. Please ensure that you put the following references for online transactions to indicate the nature of participation:
    1. PW1 (for David Yoong’s workshop)
    2. PW2 (for Susanto’s workshop)
    3. PW1 n 2 (both workshops)
  4. To expedite registration, please provide ALL the required details and documents (especially receipt).