Dr. Bertha Du-Babcock

Dr. Bertha Du-Babcock

Dr. Bertha Du-Babcock is Chair Professor of Business and Professional Communication at Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages. Prior to joining the University, she taught at the City University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on theory development and teaching innovations in intercultural business communication. She has authored 46 journal articles, 8 books, 13 book chapters, 41 international refereed conference proceedings, and 29 plenary/Keynote addresses. In addition, she is a co-author of the Asian Edition of Essentials of Business Communication and co-edited a special issue on Business and Professional Communication in Asia for the Journal of Business and Technical Communication.

Du-Babcock served as the executive committee member and the President of the Association for Business Communication from 2014 to 19. She also served on the Board of Directors-At Large (2007–2009) and as the Vice President for the Asia-Pacific Region (2009–2014). She received ten international awards. Currently, she serves as an Associate Editor for the International Journal of Business Communication and the Journal of Language and International Studies. In addition, she is on editorial boards of eight international journals.